International Master student in Transportation Sciences (Hasselt University, Belgium) Sophie Alkema recently hosted a workshop on sustainable transportation for 5th and 6th year secondary school students at Campus Hast. 

The Campus Hast is a secondary school based in Hasselt, one of I-CHANGE’s eight Living Labs. Sophie’s workshop was part of the Climate Action Training School organized within the Horizon 2020 project and with the aim of showcasing how transportation could become more sustainable in an industrial framework, but more importantly in our day-to-day lives. 

Sophie started the workshop by quizzing the pupils about their knowledge of sustainable transportation and how they could incorporate it into their own life. Then, she provided some context about climate change and its linkage with sustainable transportation . She also presented  the I-CHANGE project and its goals to empower people for climate actions. 

The students showed a lot of interest in the topic and the research project. To conclude the workshop, Sophie played a transportation game, during which the students had to come up with sustainable solutions for very common transportation challenges and problems in our society. To get them started, she introduced them to several concepts like car-sharing initiatives, mobility hubs, etc. Afterwards, both the pupils and their teachers were very enthusiastic about the workshop and the I-CHANGE project.