This report defines the initial communication and dissemination strategy of the I-CHANGE project and establishes impact measurement instruments and strategies for their success. It is intended to be a strategic and operative guide for all I-CHANGE partners in regard to the communication and dissemination of project activities, results and outputs and when speaking about or on behalf of the project. Its aim is to provide the project team with targeted information in order to coordinate, align and efficiently implement outreach activities. The overall goal is to pave the ground and facilitate the wide knowledge and use of projects’ results and with this make a concrete contribution to achieving the European Green Deal goals on reducing its net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels).

The strategy defines the projects’ unique value proposition, the high-level communication and dissemination objectives and a common understanding of audiences to be reached and collaborate with, formulates key messages, describes the planned tools and activities (referencing them to the main target audiences) with a related implementation plan and responsibilities and presents how communication and dissemination impact will be evaluated, including a set of Key Performance Indicators. It also gives an outlook on the general communication strategy for the eight I-CHANGE Living Labs. Since especially in a later phase of the project communication and dissemination will be closely linked to boost the uptake of results and with this to sustainability, this strategy is closely linked to the Business Plan which presents the exploitation strategy of the I-CHANGE project.

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