Welcome and thank you for your interest in hosting a weather station and in becoming part of our study!

About the research

Our study in Amsterdam aims to create healthy indoor climates in warming cities. Warm episodes such as heatwaves increase the risk of developing heat-related illnesses, like heat strokes. Heat can also affect your productivity and your sleep. To create healthy indoor climates, we must first understand the impact of heatwaves on citizens’ health. The health of a person during a heatwave depends on four main factors: 1. Atmospheric parameters, 2. Behaviour, 3. Physical condition, and 4. Specifications of the house.

In order to measure the atmospheric parameters, we will place weather stations in eventually 100 households in Amsterdam. The weather stations measure temperature, humidity and CO2 concentrations. To understand how individuals experience heat, we will ask the participants some questions during heatwaves and days with high temperatures. These questions relate to their physical condition, happiness and their behaviour at home to stay cool. Finally, heat can be different throughout Amsterdam. Homes next to a park are generally cooler than top-floor, south-facing apartments. The energy label of your home can also make a big difference.

If we understand better how the four factors affect the health of citizens during heatwaves, we can give advices to citizens and the municipality, for example. These advices can range from actions you can take at home, such as when it is best to open and close the windows, to actions the municipality can take, such as making neighbourhoods greener.

Because our study takes 3 years or more, we will also investigate winters. With rising energy prices, it has become extremely important for households to use as little gas and energy as possible in winter.

With our data, we hope to give advice on how to reduce your energy bill.

For more detailed information about our research, have a look at our Amsterdam Living Lab page.

Or have a look at our video on our measurement campaign on the Dam in Amsterdam during summer.

Interested in hosting a weather station?

Thank you for your interest! Please send us an email. We ask you kindly to provide us with the following information:

  • Name of the contact person of your household
  • Street name, full address is preferred
  • Number of people in your household

We will review your request and provide you as soon as possible with more information on the follow-up procedure. It is possible that we ask more information about your household, before and after we agree to place a weather station at your home.

We are looking forward to your email and are welcoming you in our study!

Stakeholder workshop
for everyone

Soon we will organise a stakeholder workshop. This is an afternoon where you will get more insight in our research and where you can share your ideas with us! It will be in the afternoon on a day somewhere between 7 and 15 June. The location is the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions at the Kattenburgerstraat 5, 1018 JA in Amsterdam.

If you are interested in joining this stakeholder workshop, you’re more than welcome. Just send us an email.

Interested in hosting a weather station?

Before you agree to host a weather station in your home, please read the terms and conditions. This is to make sure you are aware of the details that come into play when hosting a weather station.

The terms and conditions are yet to be determined. No rights can be derived from them.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101037193.