The National Congress of the “Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell’Atmosfera e Meteorologia (AISAM)” is an annual event where the Italian community of atmospheric physicist, meteorologists and climatologists as well as weather enthusiasts, has the opportunity to share and discuss the recent achievement in the field of the atmospheric science.

The fourth National Congress was held at the University of Milan between the 15th and the 19th of February, hosting technical sections as well as special events for non-technicians.

I-CHANGE partner UNIBO was involved in the organization and promotion of the event with Erika Brattich as member of the scientific committee and attended the congress with several presentations on different aspect of the atmospheric physics.

The Scientific Coordinator of I-CHANGE, Silvana Di Sabatino, was also invited by the congress committee to give a talk entitled: “Urban heat island and heat waves characteristics and interactions: a review of the state-of-the-art”.

The speech verted on the outcomes from recent studies conducted within the Living Lab of Bologna within past projects, investigating the impacts of the Urban Heat Island effect (the difference in the air temperature between two contiguous areas due to the urbanization) on the urban environment, and the superposed impacts of Heat Waves in climate change scenarios. This event provided an opportunity to set the base of the Living Lab outcomes so far, paving the way for the incoming research and activities to be promoted within I-CHANGE.

Authors: UNIBO team