The Meteorology & Air Quality Section of WUR and AMS-Institute will contribute in I-CHANGE with the LivingLab in Amsterdam in which we will monitor urban climate and indoor temperatures together with citizens. We operate a network of 24 weather stations across Amsterdam, a flux tower measuring sensible heat, evapotranspiration and CO2 flux. In heatwaves we add field campaigns with sodar, tricycle and balloon observations. Have look here

Observations in the 2019 heat wave in Amsterdam revealed a maximum temperature over 35ºC in the city center and 38.4ºC in the Bijlmer neighborhood, despite the mild and maritime Dutch climate. Time for action on climate adaptation.

The climate trend in physiological equivalent temperature (PET) is increasing. This showyourstripes graph shows the number of yearly hours when PET exceeds the stress threshold of 23ºC between 1951-2020 in Amsterdam. It is getting more red in recent years! What will the #future bring?