On the occasion of the European Green Week – promoted by the European Community – the Living Lab of Genoa organized an annual meeting with its stakeholders to talk about the activities carried out by the project, the results obtained and the new synergies that could be established on the territory to increase the involvement of citizens in citizen science activities. Genoa Living Lab try to raise awareness of climate change and related environmental risks as floods, sea storms, landslides, and wind.

Facing the challenge of citizens’ involvement and active participation on the issues of climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection have always been the mission of the I-CHANGE project, which becomes a pioneer and finalizes a path that can become a good practice. Methodologies, strengths for the replicability of the actions and effects on the territory of the active participation intervention that CIMA Research Foundation co-built together with the Department of Scienze della Formazione – DISFOR – UniGe were presented to increase the sensitization of young teenagers and validate a training protocol within the European Green Week.

Within this synergy between different research aspects on the same issue of climate change, both from a scientific and humanistic point of view, the I-CHANGE project becomes a pioneer and finalizes a path that could be adaptable to other contexts. In June, during the evening at the Rina and Gilberto Govi theatre in Genoa, this activity was also presented to the local institution to show the tangible effect on the behavioural change of the students that were involved in the project.


Moreover, other classes realized a website focuses on three main theme as the meteorological data of the Mele station, the risk of flood events in Mele and in the surrounding area between scientific information and memories, and eco-sustainable behaviors.
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CIMA Research Foundation invited AGORA project to talk about the climate scenarios and to strengthen the synergies between sister projects. During the event, the first photographic exhibition was held, born from the collaboration between CIMA Research Foundation and U.I.F. Unione Italiana Fotoamatori, on the themes of climate change, sustainable development and environmental protection. The Genoa LL is working on the engagement of different type of stakeholders on the local territory and only one year has passed.