The Municipality of Genoa is part of one of the Mediterranean areas most exposed to the occurrence of rigid climates hydro-meteorological events linked to change, in terms of frequency, intensity and impacts.

Thanks to I-CHANGE, the Living Lab led by CIMA Research Foundation will provide customized and innovative tools, such as meteorological stations, specific web portals and mobile apps for smartphones for citizen science monitoring.  

One of the sensors that will be made available in Genoa is the MeteoTracker, a mini-weather station for weather data measurements for on-the-go surveys. This station can be installed on ferromagnetic surfaces, such as the car’s roof, to record the data of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, dew-point temperature, altitude above sea level, vertical thermal gradient, intensity indicator of solar radiation and position.  

A mobile App connects to the mini-weather station, real-time visualize, geotags and sends the data to the server and a web platform displays real-time data, archive and does detailed analysis. 

For more information on using the sensor: CLICK HERE