MeteoTracker session on 23 august 2023 through Genoa City center

As discussed by ARPAL (Liguria Region Agency for Environmental Protection) Summer 2023 in Liguria was characterized by high temperatures with an average of 21.7 degrees (from 1 June to 30 September 2023) which, compared with the average temperatures of the same period of 2003, differs by 0.1 degrees; In the period June – September 2003 the average was in fact 21.8 degrees. Furthermore, comparing the average of these two years with the climate average (2003-2022) over the same months, an important anomaly of +1.1/1.2 °C emerges with respect to climatology. For more details from ARPAL the reader is referred to the complete report.

The I-CHANGE open hardware Acronet weather station located in the Porto Antico Area of Genoa Living Lab recorded on 21 august at 1300 UTC a temperature of 39.2 °C which is the highest one recorded in Genoa city on climatological basis with reference to the Genoa University station (less than 1 km far apart).

The Genoa University station is active since 1833 and inserted in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Centennial Observing Stations:: the highest temperature recorded is 37.3 °C in august 2015. Interestingly for both stations the thermohygrometer is produced by the manifacturer SIAP-MICROS.

Again on 23 august, Genoa, Liguria Region, experienced very high temperature (up to 36.6 °C 16UTC in the Porto Antico area): a MeteoTracker on a motorbike moved (17UTC) crossed city center showing urban heat island effects and humidex above 45 (danger level).


Temperature timeseries of I-CHANGE Acronet weather station located in the Porto Antico Area (August 2023)