The Technical Director Carlo Trozzi on behalf of the Techne Consulting – I-CHANGE partner – presented Preliminary results of the Horizon I-CHANGE project at Projection Expert Panel in the 2023 annual meeting of TFEIP, the Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections of the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution which took place in Oxford, UK on 18th – 20th April.

The main role of TFEIP is to support Parties in the reporting of air pollutant emissions and projections data to the Convention. This includes having responsibility for the development and technical content of the EMEP/EEA Emission Inventory Guidebook used for the estimation and reporting of national emissions.

The TFEIP also provides a technical forum and expert network to harmonise emission factors, establish methodologies for the evaluation of emission data and projections and identify problems related to emissions reporting. A further important aspect of its work is to support Parties in implementing the reporting requirements of the Convention’s emission reporting guidelines (see Guidance & Resources).

The meeting was held in a hybrid format, online or in person at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Over 100 experts attended.

I-CHANGE presentation described the main features of the project and reported the preliminary outcomes of the activities carried out in the project’ task for the Evaluation of carbon footprint and other climate forcers. The results for the carbon footprint and nitrogen oxide emissions from road traffic in different scenarios in the Bologna LL area have been described. The work takes as input the results of the traffic modeling in the Bologna area carried out in the project and uses the national emission factors defined within the TFEIP.

Carlo Trozzi chaired the Combustion & Industry Expert Panel of which he is co-leader, and presented Preliminary results of the Horizon I-CHANGE project at Projection Expert Panel.