(Almost) everyone enjoys playing games from time to time. Games are created to be fun and entertaining. But what if a game could additionally teach us something? Gamification is increasingly used in many fields and, especially, in schools. Learning while playing has a special effect as the learning part is more hidden. Serious games are becoming more popular as a communication tool in the context of climate change and disaster risk reduction. They can be scenario-based games, role playing games, board games, and much more.

In I-CHANGE, we are developing a serious game that shall support the communication of climate-aware and environmentally friendly behaviors. The game will make us (citizens) more aware of potential hazards around us such as flooding, air pollution, or landslides and help us (citizens) to identify actions that can replace our bad habits in order to reduce our footprints.

This game will be addressing the risks that we are dealing with in our Living Labs. Therefore, we are working closely together with the Living Labs to create the scenarios, map the hazards, and brainstorm certain solutions and actions that citizens can adopt. The game will be available to be played and further tested in events organized by the Living Labs but also freely downloadable online!


By KAJO Services