It is probably the first time that a citizen science workshop is being held at the eScience conference. Overall, the conference invites researchers to share their data and compute-intensive research in various scientific fields. At the “INSTIL – cItizeN Science engagemenT based on Ict soLutions” workshop, we particularly focus on how citizens are engaged into various scientific processes by co-designing and co-developing new tools, networks and systems to observe, validate, elaborate, and extract knowledge from data and models. 

Citizen science is increasingly used to engage the public, to raise awareness, and to promote actions towards climate change and sustainability. It represents a powerful tool for the democratization of science, the creation of multidisciplinary contexts engaging citizens, but also stakeholders, not only with the provision of data and facilities, but it has the potential to foster scientific awareness and participation.

The general goal of the workshop is to act as a community venue to convey multidisciplinary experiences in exploring ICT solutions to raise awareness, engage and empower citizens and stakeholders in science with concrete eScience tools. The workshop will be primarily focusing on the domains of climate, climate changes and environmental related topics, but experiences from other domains are welcome as well.

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