Figure 1

Indoor and outdoor heat are the study topic in the I-CHANGE Amsterdam Living Lab. During the I-CHANGE day on June 5th we made a thermal walk of about 3 km in which we identified warm and cool spots in the city.

After a short introduction to the project, we explained the use of the MeteoTracker and thermal camera instruments. We made 4 stops in contrasting squares in the neighborhoods where participants measured the microclimate, and also reported their thermal sensation (Fig 1). The MeteoTracker results indicate substantial temperature differences along the route (Fig 2), and as such it is a suitable instrument for citizens science to engage them with their local environment. The most attractive place was a street full of trees, while we found a heat challenge in front of the zoo. After our return and some refreshments the participants listed some strengths and weaknesses about the thermal environment of the 4 stops (Fig 3). Also they brainstormed about potential interventions to improve the situation.

This thermal walk was supported by the AMS-Institute that offered to venue.

Figure 2

Figure 3