Figure 1: Monthly Statistics of Flood Events during the 2022 rainy season as reported by the ODK Clients of LLWA

Citizen participation in providing information for impact-based Forecasts and Heavy Rain Advisories is one of the major challenges of the Living Lab West Africa. Therefore, to ensure the full participation and involvement of the citizens of Ouagadougou in the data collection, the ODK application has been installed on their mobile phones.

The objective was to bring the citizens to take ownership of the data collection, notably flood data, during the rainy season, from July to October. After they concluded the data collection, an analysis was conducted and permitted to generate flood maps over the four months.

A Twitter web scraping application was also built, with the view to collecting historical tweets and performing text mining on the scraped tweets. It generated not only the polarity and sentiment of the tweets but also word clouds for positive, negative, and neutral were plotted.

Figure 2: Twitter Dashboard on Urban Floods in Ouagadougou

Figure 3: Webscraping results, polarity and sentiment of the tweets

By West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use, Burkina Faso (WASCAL)