Thanks to our expertise and the experience gained in dissemination activities within European projects, we continue to participate in events and festivals to talk about the I-CHANGE project, its progress and the results achieved.

Informing people on the objectives achieved by the project, also thanks to their contribution in data collection with citizen science activities, is a crucial tool to increase their involvement and awareness that even small changes can lead to mitigation of the effects of climate change. For example, this autumn the Genoa Living Lab have joined three Italian events with various educational activities focused mainly on students but also with the chance to interact with a general public.

In September the Living Lab team participated in “Scienza nello zaino”, in Savona, where the public could experience thanks to a model that actually reproduced a flood that occurred in Genoa, and photographs on climate risk events, the actions to do and not to do in case of risk and how to contribute to the mitigation of climate change. This year too, an activity was presented at the Genoa Science Festival, through a Zero Emission City game to achieve zero emissions in a city and reduce the carbon footprint of everyone. Finally, the Genoa Living Lab team was for the first time at the Meteorology Festival in Rovereto, an event focused on weather events, both extreme and non-extreme, where hands-on educational and recreational activities and scientific talks were interconnected, to address research topics with two different approaches in able to reach the widest possible audience.