This deliverable is the first version of the I-CHANGE Data Management Plan (DMP), that will be updated as the project progresses to more mature phases.

This version of the DMP  is trying to emphasise the importance of the FAIR data principles and how to implement them, by considering the key role of  international standards.Indeed, it provides theoretical background to make clear what types of data and international standards shall be followed in the I-CHANGE project to increase the FAIRness of the data and gives an initial classification of the data that should be collected and managed. In addition to the data which will be produced within the project, I-CHANGE will make use of existing sources of data and observations to fulfil the project goals.

The data is classified according to several criteria, such as spatial and non-spatial data, by methods of collection and generation,or by acquisition regime. This classification will be used for the organisation of the data and metadata where users can find data in an easier manner and might be revised according to  the project needs. It is important to note that as the I-CHANGE project will manage a broad range of data, different security and ethical aspects will be considered.

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