This deliverable presents the first version of the I-CHANGE dashboard which aims to support the ambition of the project by supplying tools to raise awareness, engage and empower citizen, and trigger behavioural change towards more environmentally aware and climate adapted lifestyles. The dashboard is co-designed primarily for citizens who are eager to learn more about hazards and how to combat these. For this purpose, the dashboard is designed around the four above introduced ambitions of the tools. Hence, the main use cases are:

  1. to acknowledge oneself with hazards through interactive informative pages (home page, Climate Storylines);
  2. to engage citizens in science with the crowdsourcing tool (Climate Campaigns);
  3. to empower citizens by technically supporting them in understanding and contextualizing collected sensor data through the project; and in the future
  4. to trigger behavioural changes step by step through the avoided carbon footprint app and the I-CHANGE Game.

Throughout the rest of the project, the dashboard will be complete by finalizing the Climate Storylines, embedding the fourth pillar (trigger behavioural change), extending and improving the Map functionalities, integrating stand-alone apps of the project, and finally, testing and evaluating the dashboard with representative end-users.

The dashboard is available at:

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