The Deliverable aims to describe the architecture of the Environmental Impact Hub (EIH), i.e., the I-CHANGE integrated hub collecting data, tools and initiatives for citizen engagement. Citing the EU LC-GD-10-3-2020 call ([1]subtopic 2): “Citizen science can strongly contribute to the delivery of environmental data with a significant potential for further broad use, including contributing to improving relevant European policies.”,“Actions should include the development and/or improvement of devices (…) taking into account the interoperability and exchange of future and existing data collected”. With these goals in mind, the I-CHANGE consortium focused on the improvement of availability, interoperability and usability of collected data at a broad scale. The EIH has the ambition to enhance data sharing, management and processing, ensuring interoperability and usability of heterogeneous data.

This report presents the I-CHANGE vision for enabling data interoperability and connecting the I-CHANGE project with the relevant European initiatives on environmental and earth observation data sharing. The EIH is conceived as a participatory platform collecting observational data from heterogeneous sources, data processed through numerical models, software, apps and more in general tools and information derived from all citizen science actions/initiatives co-designed in the I-CHANGE Living Labs (LLs). At the same time, I-CHANGE wants to both exploit and contribute to the major initiatives on data sharing, interacting with GEOSS, the European Data Spaces and other relevant data infrastructures: the EIH accounts also for this ambition.

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