This report presents the local implementation plans of the eight I-CHANGE Living Labs (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bologna, Dublin, Genoa, Hasselt, Jerusalem and Ouagadougou) at an early stage of the Living Lab activities. The plans are a key to support the eight I-CHANGE Living Lab objectives and activities and have been developed in coordination and in parallel with the local communication plans of each Living Lab presented as a separate report. Besides the Introduction, Methodology and Conclusions, the report is divided in two main parts, one devoted to show each implementation plan, and the second one, built in basis to the previous information, that tries to summarise and compare the eight implementation plans.

The first part includes the main challenge/s of the Living Lab, starting by the planned interventions and citizen science activities; the planned schedule/timeline; the technical and non-technical associated risks; the administrative and community engagement procedures to be followed; the indicators to calculate the social and scientific impact; the proposals to ensure continuity; results of the first Living Lab workshop; the activities or methods for sharing feedback to the Living Lab participants; and the scientific communication plan. The second one synthesises the main aspects of each implementation plan and compares them, starting with the main challenges and the objectives to cope with them. The number of stakeholders, qualitative and quantitative indicators, methodologies for engaging citizens and citizen science projects are compared in order to identify the most common ones, as well as its robustness and weakness. Scientific aspects like the proposed analysis and modelling, dissemination plans and sensors that will be used are also considered.

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