This report synthesises current major global and local challenges regarding climate change (CC), extreme weather impacts and evaluation of hydro-meteorological risks, based on the existing climate projections and from available literature and open access environmental, natural and climatological data. It establishes the base profile specific to each I-CHANGE target city on which to build on solutions and Living Labs (LL) set-up or management, namely Bologna and Genoa (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Hasselt (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Jerusalem (Israel) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) by summarising climatological records of essential climate variables, CC projections and the evaluation of future impacts of extreme events including heat waves, floods and droughts, energy consumption and waste production by sector, use of sustainable transport, air pollution levels and targets in the local adaptation plans, biodiversity indicators such as trends in land and water use, habitat loss or invasive species, integrity of ecosystems.

In addition, this report establishes a collective understanding of the specific regulatory and cultural frameworks of each LL context involved in ICHANGE. Specifically, it reports on the existing political and regulatory schemes, key goals of existing programs or initiatives, socio-technical actors and to the I-CHANGE LL stakeholders and their domains of action (extreme events, energy consumption, pollution, sustainable transport, water cycle, waste management).

The report targets the I-CHANGE consortium members, the broad research community in CC and adaptation, and I-CHANGE project stakeholders.

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