On May 17, Dr. María Carmen Llasat, head of the I-CHANGE Barcelona Living Lab on Extreme Events (BLLEE), gave a training workshop on climate change. This workshop was part of the “Climate Change and adaptation of Forest Managment” course oriented to the staff of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda.

The course began with a call to the European Green Deal through one of the videos developed by the I-CHANGE project. During the morning, other videos from the project were used to illustrate different points, such as the need for change of habits. The response by the participants to the I-CHANGE questionnaire was very useful to assess their degree of knowledge and sensitivity to climate change. It should be said that one of the challenges of the BLLEE is the increase in extreme temperatures and heat waves, which severely affects the forest area of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, increasing its fire risk. Good forest management can reduce the risk of wildfires, promoting wood construction and circular economy.