Between March and November of last year, all of our Living Labs (LLs) organised Climate Action Training Schools for members of the public. The Climate Action Training Schools included a wide range of events, such as presentations, discussions and hands on activities. Through these events we engaged with >600 citizens in 7 countries. Participants were of all ages, ranging from primary school children to pensioners.   

During the Climate Action Training Schools the I-CHANGE Living Labs introduced citizens to local challenges related to climate change. For example, the Genoa LL presented on local meteorology and water resources, the Dublin LL demonstrated the effect of cars idling to primary school children, the Jerusalem LL organised round table discussions in the Science Museum on topics such as sustaining air quality and energy or cooling the urban space.  

The I-CHANGE Climate Action Training Schools were very well received by the public, and where possible the Living Lab organisers collected feedback to better understand attendants perception of the Climate Action Training Schools. The feedback that was collected was very positive and encouraging. For example, the word cloud image summarises answers to the question “What did you like about the Climate Action Training School?” in the LL of West Africa. Participants in the Barcelona LL Climate Action Schools commented “I would like to see more events like this with an interdisciplinary approach” and “Getting people to change is difficult, but with proposals like these, we make progress!”.  

The next round of Climate Action Training Schools will be held in 2024, and the I-CHANGE Living Labs are already busy planning many exciting and engaging events!