How do you keep yourself healthy during extreme warm periods? And how can you help enhance the city’s climate resilience? During the Climate Action Training Schools of Amsterdam Living Lab, citizens of Amsterdam discussed relevant topics such as heat stress, climate resilience and sustainable lifestyles.

Esther Peerlings and Gert-Jan Steeneveld from our partner Wageningen University and Research hosted this three-day event in Amsterdam. During the three workshops, guest speakers interactively presented a range of topics and then participants got to work themselves. The goal of the Climate Action Training Schools was to provide more information and tools to citizens to take action on climate adaptation and mitigation. With the effects of climate change becoming more severe, their impact on the city and its citizens will only increase over time.

During one of the evenings, participants of the training school got to dive into the topic of heat stress. They discussed how they generally deal with heat during extreme warm periods and got more information on the impact of heat stress on the human body. During a workshop, they got to discuss what measurements can be taken in their homes to better cope with extreme heat. Furthermore, one of the days organised covered the topic of enhancing the city’s climate resilience. Participants got more information on climate change and the different climate scenarios for the Netherlands, as recently published by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). In the future, extreme weather, like heavy rainfall and extreme droughts, are projected to become more frequent and severe. However, to what extent will this influence the livelihood in the city? Next to this, urban water management techniques were discussed during this session. Participants shared their own experiences and were involved in interesting conversations about the impact of climate change on the city of Amsterdam.

The researchers of the Amsterdam Living Lab look back on an interesting three-day Climate Action Training School together with all participants!