On 28 March 2024, the I-CHANGE Living Lab of Bologna deployed the first Climate Action Training School of 2024 in collaboration with Legambiente in the beautiful conference room of the city hall of Bologna. Lectures and open discussion were given by our experts covering the topic of climate change and health. 

The initiative aimed at describing causes of climate change, emphasizing the significant anthropogenic role and the possible intervention to mitigate it alongside the implications on the urban environment and health.  The discussions further extended to a deep dive into the projects active in Bologna on the topic of climate change and health, covering the activities held in I-CHANGE and another Horizon-EU project TRIGGER.  

Specifically for I-CHANGE, the Bologna research team presented the overall aim of the project, the results achieved so far from citizen science activities on the topic of air pollution and sustainable mobility. This presentation fostered a vivid front of discussion on key valid solutions the population will benefit from. 

More information are available HERE.