The I-CHANGE dashboard citizens4climate was freshly released this week! The dashboard is designed to explain current challenges we are facing in a changing climate including hazard such as air pollution, heatwaves indoors and outdoors, flooding, landslides, and storms. Many of us have already witnessed that these hazards are happening more often and become more impactful. That’s why the dashboard talks about these hazards from different perspectives and communicates the science around them to anyone.


What do we know about these hazards?

Why do we need to clean the air so that our children can learn for the future? How can waste cause flooding? How do we keep our head cool on the way to work? How can we sleep better during heatwaves? How do we detect a storm before it arrives to make everything safe? The dashboard explains all these questions in more detail as well as the impacts of these hazards and provides suggestions on how to act to be safe.

How can we make sense of our weather observations?

In I-CHANGE, we observe the weather and air quality with small wearable sensors but what does the collected data tell us? In the dashboard explains the results by looking at our temperatures in the past while asking us the question whether the temperatures of today are normal, higher or lower than normal. It is not only interesting to look at the past but also at the future, or how houses, forests, and other environments can influence the temperature, air quality, and more. These and additional comparisons will be available soon!

How can we get engaged?

Do you want to contribute to the progress in research? Our climate campaigns are welcoming everyone to contribute! This year, we had our first campaign to collect indoor temperatures in Amsterdam during a heatwave. This campaign collected over 500 temperature observations which are now used to develop forecasts for indoor temperatures during heatwaves. Stay tuned! We will have many more campaigns coming in the future!

What’s coming next?

  • Embark on a board game that unveils the strength of collective action against climate change! This serious board game will be freely downloadable from the dashboard beginning of next year!
  • Change your bad habits step by step! Our upcoming avoided footprint app will be your playful mate taking climate challenges by yourself, with your family, friends, or within your school, work, or community! The first version will be available beginning of December!

More information are also available in the deliverable D4.6 I-CHANGE dashboard for citizen-oriented data analytics and visualization: CLICK HERE