It is now concluded the citizen science initiative that researchers from CNR-IRPI, CNR-IGAG, and CNR-IMATI organized with the students of the “Marconi Delpino” Scientific High School in Chiavari, under the umbrella of the I-CHANGE Genoa Living Lab. The collaboration with the High School started last academic year, due to the direct contact with Civil Protection of the Municipality of Chiavari, with some highlights on climate change and risks in extremes. Thanks to the interest shown by students, the collaboration has been deepened in terms of topics and activities during this year! 

CNR coordinated a group of about 15 student volunteers to participate in science through several initiatives: using GIS systems, satellite images, and open data, they learned how to identify and map landslides occurring in the Ligurian territory but also to contribute to open science; with field activities, interviews to locals and storytelling they understood the impact of past flood events and perceived the necessity to preserve our cities; exploiting I-CHANGE apps and serious games, students enhanced their knowledge about Chiavari, collected data about past events, improved their perception of the risk to which the city of Chiavari is exposed, and discussed possible mitigation policy. 

This was the actual aim of the initiative: to empower students’ awareness of climate change and the risks associated to local environment. This is one of the objectives of the cooperation with the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Chiavari, which has always dedicated much effort to implement prevention activities based on trained and aware citizens. 

As researchers we thank the school, the students and Civil Protection officers that gave us the possibility to co-design and co-develop custom actives and tools to make an attempt in paving the path for a possible change of behaviors and a more conscious impact on our environment. It was a very exciting adventure!