On October 19, 2023, our partner Techne Consulting presented the results of the “Benchmarking behavioral changes: apportionment of carbon and environmental footprint” activities of I-CHANGE project at the EXPAPER 2003 conference.

EXPAPER is an annual conference that brings together a group of experts and representatives of companies, industrial trade associations, research bodies and universities that deal, for institutional or corporate purposes, with the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases deriving in particular from passenger and goods transport by road, at national and local level. Sea and air transport modes have also acquired increasing space in the group’s work in recent years.

This panel of experts provides an overall picture of transport emissions every year, identifying the state of the art, critical issues and priorities for intervention on the basis of scientific and objective data and analyses. This panel is therefore of service of the political decision-maker to define strategies for managing and reducing polluting emissions at a local and national level. Carlo Trozzi, technical director of Techne Consulting, partner of I-CHANGE, made a presentation on “Carbon footprint and environmental footprint from road traffic in the living labs of the Horizon 2020 I-CHANGE project”.  

Carlo, after the general description of the project, and of the activities to evaluate and promote changes in individual behaviour and improve monitoring opportunities through citizen science, went on to discuss the first results on the evaluation of the Carbon Footprint (CF) and the EnvironmentalFootprint (EF) in the Living Labs areas. The focus was placed, in particular, on the carbon and environmental footprint assessment activities of road traffic in the Italian area of Bologna both at present and in two different scenarios, highlighting the opportunities deriving from measures for the creation of cycle infrastructures and for the introduction of a Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Trozzi, Carlo & Brattich, Erika & Adnan, Muhammad & Vaccaro, Rita & Piscitello, Enzo & Cintolesi, Carlo & Ruggieri, Paolo & Di Sabatino, Silvana & Parodi, Antonio. (2023). Impronta di carbonio ed impronta ambientale da traffico stradale nei living labs del progetto Horizon 2020 I-CHANGE EXPERT PANEL FOR POLLUTING EMISSIONS REDUCTION EXPAPER. 10.13140/RG.2.2.18185.83048.