The Technical Director Carlo Trozzi on behalf of the Techne Consulting – I-CHANGE partner – presented a poster on Integrated evaluation of air pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) in the framework of the I-CHANGE Living Labs experiences at the GEIA 20th Conference, which was held on 2023 June 21-23, hosted by Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy in Bruxelles (Belgium).

The GEIA: Global Emissions InitiAtive is a community effort dedicated to emissions information exchange and competence building, created in 1990 to improve our understanding of air quality and climate. About 160 experts from five continents attended the conference.


The poster describes the process of footprints evaluation starting from the building of a model framework using an Activity-Based approach capable to capture daily activity-travel routines. Emissions of greenhouse gases, short-lived climate forcers and air pollutants are then calculated using a specific model (E2GovCmty) following the “emission inventory” approach and footprints are computed. Finally, data collected in the Living Labs are used to fine-tune the models. The resulting emissions will be in the next months directed to the assessment of the impact of lifestyle changes on air quality and climate.

Case studies for Bologna (Italy), Dublin (Ireland) and Hasselt (Belgium) metropolitan areas road traffic evaluation are reported. In all the case studies base scenario and two alternative scenarios are elaborated (including measures to Provision of bicycle infrastructure in identified areas, Introducing Low Emission Zones, Restricted access to School Streets and Flexible work hours and working from home). To define the footprints, average emission factors for main pollutants and greenhouse gases are computed from region Emilia Romagna, Ireland and Flanders EPA Emission Inventory.



In the poster results are reported for carbon footprint and for selected environmental footprints (Acidification Potential, Tropospheric ozone formation potential and Aerosol formation potential).