To date, over 850 people have attended the Citizen Science activities promoted within the I-CHANGE project. Responses have been collected from the students and the adults to evaluate the social impacts, specifically the lifestyle changes towards sustainability, in the I-CHANGE Living Labs. 

The main aim was to assess the impacts of engaged individuals in Citizen Science activities as a motivator for a genuine transition to sustainable behaviors. 

Guiding the activity “Environmental, social and economic impact assessment” (Task 3.5) and in collaboration with the University of Bologna (UNIBO), the Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE), and Design Entrepreneurship Institute (DEN), the National Research Council (CNR) promoted the co-designing and implementation of digital, geolocalized survey forms – one for adults and another for students – distributed across the various Living Labs within the project. 

The surveys, completely anonymous, cover questions related to Climate Change Awareness, Factors influencing or promoting behavioral changes, Sustainable Mobility, Air Quality, Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Extreme Events, Water Cycle, and Biodiversity Participants completed the survey forms directly from their mobile devices without the need of specific apps. Furthermore, the questions they are required to answer are tailored based on their affiliation with specific Living Labs.