Exciting collaboration at the University of Bologna! Between October and December 2023, our research team engaged over 100 students in the serious game “Mani in Mappa” to delve into the intricacies of sustainable mobility in Bologna from diverse perspectives.   

By involving students from Environmental Engineering, Political Science, and Service Design, the research team of the the University of Bologna successfully incorporated multidisciplinary viewpoints into a topic traditionally associated with hard sciences. The preliminary results from the creation of over 40 maps reveal the true complexity of the mobility phenomenon. Once again, the serious game methodology proves invaluable in assessing various challenges from different angles, aiming to identify solutions that not only alleviate traffic issues but also trigger a radical rethink of transportation methods.   

Key findings highlight concerns such as the need for a sense of security and the insufficient presence of bike lanes, hindering the predominant use of bicycles among the active population. Additionally, public transportation inadequacies were identified concerning accessibility for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and those engaged in caregiving occupations. The results emphasize the importance of general civic education regarding the life improvements associated with transitioning from private to public or active transportation.   

Exciting times ahead as we work towards transformative solutions for a more sustainable and inclusive urban mobility!