During the last two years, the I-CHANGE project has produced a wide range of videos, and more is to come. We are currently planning a short documentary that will give insights into different Living Labs. The film is scheduled to premiere in autumn. Until then, we would like to highlight what we have achieved so far. On our YouTube channel, you can not only find animations on important topics from our project, but also short interviews with representatives from the Living Labs, who explain the structure, goals and motivations of the Living Labs. There are also a number of videos that were made by the Living Labs participants themselves. A vibrant mix!

We sometimes struggle to get a lot of viewers for the content we put out, but the reach is not the only purpose and goal we are pursuing.

These videos are also tools. They are intended to serve those who are paving the way for local transformation towards an emissions-neutral future on the ground. In our case, these are the partners in the Living Labs. They use our animations to introduce complex topics, for example in schools, and to synchronise the knowledge and understanding of the audience. They can also use the videos as building blocks in the Climate Action Training Schools to impart knowledge. In this case, films are useful and effective, even if the audience is small. Films have the potential to  foster qualitative interaction, which cannot be quantified in a number of views on YouTube. Therefore, we offer subtitled versions of the animated videos in all project languages so that they are useful on the ground.

The same applies to the online world: our films are not isolated on the web, they are integrated into other I-CHANGE products, such as the dashboard or the project website.

Films can have another, inward-looking impact – namely for those who produce them. They strengthen a personal identification with a topic and teach us what we need for a sustainable future. The power to shape it. In I-CHANGE, the films that have resulted from the Living Labs stand for exactly this quest: To empower citizens to tell stories that matter to them.

In this case, the school children feel proud of what they have created and the positive energy will sustainably commit them to the topic. Of course, you can criticize the videos for their production quality, but for those who produced them, they are good! The positive energy they transmit is so entertaining, because it is so authentic.

Last but not least: As an EU-funded project, we use taxpayers’ money and therefore we have the duty to make transparent in various ways what the money is spent on – no matter our click rate. Our inteviews with the LivingLab partners fulfill this purpose, among other things.

Despite these considerations, we obviously want our films to be seen by as many people as possible. We therefor end this article, which contains no news, but perhaps a new perspective, with a familiar appeal:

Visit our  YouTube channel and watch our films! It’s worth it.