The “Mani in Mappa” serious game continues to captivate interest and engage diverse stakeholders. Developed by researchers from the Department of Sociology at the University of Bologna as part of the Horizon 2020 I-CHANGE project, Mani in Mappa is a citizen science activity where even ordinary individuals have the opportunity to contribute to research and solving real problems that impact our communities.

After involving over 200 students and citizens of Bologna, in March 2024, second-grade students from Scuola delle Idee at Fondazione Golinelli also participated in the game, tackling the challenges of mobility in Bologna. Through the personas methodology, students immersed themselves in the lives of Bologna’s citizens, seeking solutions to enhance their daily routines. Initially gathering data using digital and analogue tools, they discovered the complexity of mobility as a system that often falls short in meeting everyone’s needs. By navigating to find the fastest, most economical, and sustainable routes, they realized the transition to sustainable mobility requires individual commitment and the implementation of new incentives and infrastructure.

What makes this project even more significant is that the data collected by students adds to that from previous citizen science activities conducted in the Living Lab of Bologna. This expansion of the database contributes to greater and more shared knowledge about mobility, fueling a virtuous cycle of learning and collective change, both individual and collective.

The game has also traveled to Portugal, where a workshop on sustainable mobility was held as part of the SSH CENTRE project in collaboration with Energy Cities. 20 participants, including municipal administrators, technicians, and researchers from 8 European cities, tested how the game could serve not only as a data collection tool for a city’s problems but also as a means of participatory planning by citizens. The game received highly positive feedback and is poised to make a significant impact in the future, driving collaborative efforts towards sustainable mobility solutions across Europe.