How citizen science helps us understand environmental changes and risks

During the past few years, the EU-funded project, I-CHANGE, has facilitated eight living labs in- and outside the EU. We’ve done so to work with citizen science to deepen our understanding of environmental monitoring, and strengthening the climate perception of all citizens.

In this interactive digital event, we will be discussing our learnings and ask you to reflect upon them with us: What’s the value of citizen science compared to regular environmental monitoring? Are there environmental areas, where we should advocate for a stronger connection between citizens and science? Does citizen science have any limitations?

The event is open for everyone, and you will be able to speak and listen in your native language.

By partaking in this event, you consent to let us document the event proceedings by taking notes and screenshots of the online meeting.


September 16th 2024 14:00 – 16.30 CET