On 29th September, our partner IMATI-CNR participated to the Italian initiative SHARPERSHAring Researchers’ Passion for Enhanced Roadmaps in the context of the European Researchers’ Night to showcase some of our project activities and results. 

The European Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide public event aimed to bring research and researchers closer to the public, increase the interest of young people in science and showcase the impact of researchers’ work. During this event, climate, sensors and science were the key words of the laboratory organized by Antonella Galizia – from the team of I-CHANGE dealing with the development of an information hub capable of storing and sharing information to engage people in a better understanding about how the climate of our regions changed all over the time. Indeed, the laboratory aimed to present the Meteotracker sensors and the I-CHANGE Dashboard, which nicely allows the visualization of observational data collected within the campaigns of the I-CHANGE project.  

The I-CHANGE Dashboard will be launched in a few days and will provide user-friendly access to tailored processed data, applications and tools designed/provided within Living Labs. Actually, the Dashboard also provides storylines about different climate changes issues deepen within the project thus to introduce a non-technical public into science. 

Photo credits @M.Millio, further initiatives CNR@SHARPER