During the EU Green Week 2023, I-CHANGE partners and Living Labs are organising various partner events to increase awareness for addressing climate change and promoting a sustainable behavioural change. 

The EU Green Week is an important annual event that gathers together policymakers, environmentalists, stakeholders and other interested parties from across Europe and the globe to improve the understanding of environmental policies. This year, it takes place between Saturday 3 June and Sunday 11 June.  

Throughout the week, a series of events are organised on the topics of skills for sustainable, resilient and socially fair communities to futher encourage stakeholders and general public to take stronger action for a sustainable future. 

In this latter context, the I-CHANGE project – which aims at promoting a behavioural change through citizen science initiatives which are using sensors – is planning some activities both organised by project partners within their Living Labs and together with other sister projects. The partners events are taking place on 7-8 of June in different places in Europe or online and will mainly focus on the importance of inclusiveness and citizens’ involvement for having a strong impact on the environment. 


Skills for Clear Communication of Sustainability

7 June 2023 | Online

The webinar is divided into 4 panels. Each panel focuses on the specific skills required to communicate sustainability effectively to different target groups. These groups include children, teenagers, the elderly, people with disabilities. The event will showcase examples from 5 H2020 projects. Representatives from five Horizon 2020 projects, including GreenSCENT, Rethink Action, Firelogue, Mediaverse, and IChange, will showcase practical demonstrations of how sustainability can be effectively communicated through various mediums.

Skilled Stakeholder: ABC to become a green player in the city of Bologna 

7 June 2023 | Bologna 

The workshop will be organised as an open meeting where the stakeholders and the citizens will have the opportunity to be updated on the activities of the I-CHANGE project and, starting from some project results, articulate a discussion on the topic of city mobility promoted by the I-CHANGE Living Lab Bologna.


Evaluating of the urban heat effect 

7 June 2023 | Barcelona 

Do extreme temperatures effect equally in all the extension of Barcelona? The I-CHANGE Living Lab Barcelona will walk around two different paths, along different urban environments, collecting meteorological data with a MeteoTracker. How can we visualize this data? Are we able to understand it? What can we learn from this data?


I-CHANGE stakeholder workshop Indoor Urban Heat 

8 June 2023 | Amsterdam 

In this event the Amsterdam I-CHANGE Living Lab will bring together stakeholders from citizens, business and academia to learn about indoor heat observations that are performed by citizens in Amsterdam in the context of the EU project I-CHANGE.


I-CHANGE Genoa Living Lab: resilient solutions and citizen science to tackle climate change 

8 June 2023 | Genoa 

Workshop by the I-CHANGE Living Lab Genoa on the citizen science activities to monitor climate change through I-CHANGE sensors and strategies that everyone can adopt to minimize the carbon footprint.


Empowering and skilling citizens to become drivers towards a climate neutral and sustainable Europe through citizen science 

8 June 2023 | Online 

If we can get just 15% of the population of Europe engaged to tackle behavioural change issues through citizen science nearly 70 million people would be driving change on issues in the EU. During this event some Project Presentations by AURORA, I-CHANGE, SOCIO-BEE, ECF4CLIM and PSLifestyle will showcase how citizen science has the power to deliver major change in the way the EU Green Deal objectives are delivered.