Living Labs are a relatively new form of citizen science and it may be difficult to wrap your head around exactly how one should engage participants in the I-CHANGE project. At the DBT we aim to provide I-CHANGE partners with the necessary knowledge and know-how to carry out successful living labs and engage citizens in the transition toward a sustainable future.

Because the I-CHANGE Living Labs span from Dublin to Ouagadougou, physical training in engagement processes is not an option. Therefore, the DBT is currently developing a digital internal learning platform, which all partners may access to learn about the concept of living labs. With expert contributions from methodological and theoretical points of view by I-CHANGE partners, the learning platform will consist of courses that guide the facilitation of workshops, activities, and the Living Labs as a whole.

Using online platforms like learning management systems is an excellent way to create a common space within a project, where knowledge is shared and co-created. In projects like I-CHANGE, where frequent physical meetings are difficult, these platforms become a tool to connect with each other, going beyond traditional video-calls and shared documents. 

Creating accessible and rich learning platforms requires time and know-how. Today, Niels from the DBT is working on methodological guidelines and how to set them up in an accessible manner on the platform. We’re hoping the effort put into this will pay off in the end!