In this report we present the local communication plans of the eight I-CHANGE Living Labs (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bologna, Dublin, Genoa, Hasselt, Jerusalem and Ouagadougou), with the status of M12 of the project, so at an early stage of the Living Lab activities. In addition to this, we describe the methodology for their development as well as the supporting documents and activities provided at project level. We also give an outlook on the next steps and planned updates.

The local communication plans are meant to support the eight I-CHANGE Living Lab partners and the local implementation organisations in achieving their planned results by planning the communication to their main audiences. Therefore, each plan includes, for the respective Living Lab, in regard to planned communication: the goal and objectives, the target audiences, key messages, planned communication tools and materials, stakeholder and networks to be involved, a preliminary timeline (focusing on the first activities), roles and tasks as well a first indication on the monitoring process of local communication activities.

They were developed in coordination and in parallel with the Living Lab local implementation plans presented in D2.2 and they are closely related and integrated into the overall I-CHANGE communication and dissemination strategy presented in D5.1.

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