The activities described in this deliverable are aimed to compute environmental footprint using driving forces data collected within LLs activities (WP2 and Task 3.4 “Citizen science experiments in the LLs”) and traffic simulations conducted (Task 3.1 “Exploring behavioral changes through numerical simulations” of the project, see Deliverable 3.1 “Prototype of fully integrated behavioral simulator”).

This deliverable provides information on the following major aspects:

  • The available LLs data and Task 3.1 output used as input for environmental footprint
  • The definition of the methodology used for environmental footprint modelling with a selection
    of air pollution and biometeorological footprint indicators appropriate to the activities of the
    LLs in the project.
  • The results of the application of the methodology to LLs case studies.
  • The E2GovCmty model personalization.

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