This report presents the methodological guide for the Living Labs (LL) that was developed as part of the I-CHANGE project. It details the process that was used to produce the methodological guide, including the rationale for developing a methodological guide, as well as the initial concepts and the co-design process with the project partners. It is important to note that the methodological guide is  an interactive, digital tool developed for internal use and it provides users with a learning environment that allows them to place each section of material within the overall context and structure of the methodological guide, but also to easily move and cross-reference between sections.

The document describes the sources and the process used to create the content of the methodological guide and gives an overview of: What is a Living Lab, How to set up a living lab, Practical advice, Living Lab during a pandemic.  It also describes the learning platform created for the I-CHANGE project and the implementation of the methodological guide to the learning platform. Finally, it  reflects on the development of the learning platform, relative to the initial concepts and ideas

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