‚ÄčThis deliverable reports on social media analysis in regard to citizen science (participatory research) and perceptions on risk of climate change, but also on the Just Transition. In particular, Text Mining solutions and social media analytics helped to derive an understanding of different perspectives. The social media stream was collected and displayed in a dashboard which could be accessed and used by the I-CHANGE consortium. Therefore, the Deliverable provides guidance for the I-CHANGE partners on how to use the dashboard and how to analyse the data it contains. The capacity building is further supported with example case studies to enlarge the imagination of potential uptake of results.

The intended usage of current and future results from the social media analysis can be incorporated to support the identification of indicators, to complement interactions between Living Labs and their stakeholders, to implement potential social sensing activities, to enhance communication on project events and outcomes and to identify projects dealing with specific topics or for market analyses on recently published tools.

In case you are interested to learn more about the report, please send an email to info@ichange-project.eu.