I-CHANGE aims to strengthen the participation and awareness of citizens on the issues of climate change,  sustainabledevelopment and environmental protection through a multidisciplinary and participatory approach.  

CIMA Research Foundation is leading the citizen science initiatives that will be implemented in the city of Genoa, in collaboration with ARPAL, the Liguria Region and the Metropolitan City of Genoa, through the construction of a territorial Living Lab.  

The monitoring will be oriented to the issues that most affect the local area such as floods, landslides and storm surges by crowd mapping for the active collection of geo-localized environmental monitoring data. 

Within the Living Lab, various types of sensors will be provided such as:  

  • ACRONET weather station: for more information, CLICK HERE 
  • Meteotracker, a mini-weather station specifically for motion detection: for more information, CLICK HERE 
  • SMART CITIZEN KIT: for more information, CLICK HERE