In a world saturated with carbon footprint calculators, the I-CHANGE project developed the ChallengeYeti App with a new perspective on measuring the individual environmental impact and encouraging users to take actionable steps towards a sustainable future.

Traditional calculators often leave individuals with numbers of kilograms of carbon rather than direct suggestions for actions. Instead, ChallengeYeti was designed to encourage us to take no-regrets actions to reduce our environmental impact. This follows the main aim of the I-CHANGE project to empower people by giving them a better understanding of their individual choices.

Key Features of ChallengeYeti:

  • Beyond Carbon Calculators: ChallengeYeti is not just another app for measuring carbon footprints, it rather inspires us to take tangible steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Incremental Changes: It encourages us to adopt small, manageable actions that collectively lead to significant environmental benefits.
  • Community Engagement: ChallengeYeti stirs us to involve friends, family, colleagues, and others to join the movement and act together, creating a supportive and motivating environment.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The app allows users to both discover and contribute new actions, making everyone an active part in the journey towards sustainability.

The app is freely available,, and allows everyone to become part of a dynamic community committed to sustainability as well as to create real-time personalised information on carbon and environmental footprints. “It is difficult to switch from Yeti to something less fun,” remarked one of the co-developers, highlighting the app’s engaging and enjoyable approach to environmental action.

Key functions:

  • Take challenges and challenge others
  • Build a community and act together
  • Track your avoided footprint and actual footprint